Mik Jacobs, award-winning writer and entertainer, has performed with Universal Studios, Disney MGM and Sea World of Orlando. He has been developing and performing original science education programs for over two decades with prominent museums and science centers throughout the United States.

"I have performed science shows around the world. No matter where I go, people of all ages love science and are eager to learn more.  We strive to make science fun, with our unique, original live performances.  These are not magic shows.  After all, a magician is sworn to secrecy.  Scientists are ready to tell what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why it works!  That's the great thing about the shows we have ready for you!  So, we invite you to take a look around the site, see what's available for all age groups, and choose the show that fits your needs.  Please also tell us about your custom presentation requirements!  Then, sit back and enjoy some sensational science shows!"
- Mik Jacobs